Marriage to a U.S. Citizen is a fast track category to U.S. Permanent Residence. U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (“USCIS”) reports high levels of fraud occurring in this category and for that reason, all marriage based applications are carefully reviewed and should include lots of documentary evidence that the relationship is a true “bona fide” marriage. Over the years, we have assisted many happy couples in processing their marriage based green cards. We have also been hired half way through the process on many cases where the couple filed the petition without assistance and then called us in to help resolve delays, requests for more information and even denials.

Marriage to a U.S. Citizen is one of the few situations under the law when in some cases an immigrant can be forgiven for having worked without authorization, overstayed a visa or entered the U.S. as a tourist and then decided to marry and apply for U.S. Permanent Residence. In many of these more sensitive cases, travel prior to approval of U.S. Permanent Residence is detrimental to the case and can cause a denial due and even three or ten year bars (penalty) that prevents the immigrant from entering the US for many years.

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